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“Nuestros excelentes embutidos se basan en la unión de las mejores carnes, los mejores ingredientes y una esmerada elaboración realizada por nuestro experto y cualificado personal”

Since the mid-60s, and a small butcher and delicatessen business, run by Pepe and Maruja in Cieza, was born, shortly after, "Sausages The Maruja”, una empresa familiar que comenzó su andadura apostando por la elaboración de todos sus embutidos de manera tradicional que se diferencian de los demás por su calidad y sabor único e inconfundible.

homemade sausage, carefully prepared and aimed at lovers of the traditional, of the authentic flavor of natural products... that is "Embutidos La Maruja".

From the beginning of our journey and up to the present day "Embutidos La Maruja" has maintained the same way of working, using the usual quality products and above all, putting all our love into the preparation of a well-done sausage.

That is why we are the reference for sausages in Cieza and outside of it.

Our manufacturing process is based on the selection of the best raw material: pork, chicken, spices, top quality seasonings, a formula inherited from our founder, María Villa Villalba, a staff and a way of working that keeps alive the spirit that saw the business born more than 50 years ago.

The "La Maruja Sausages" can be found in your usual establishment in the following types: fresh, cured and cooked.

We offer our customers two lines of products: one made with pork meat and the other with chicken meat.

As our brand is committed to being up to date with the needs of our consumers, we are pleased to inform you that everyone, absolutely all our sausages are made WITHOUT GLUTEN.

In all its modalities, putting La Maruja sausages becomes a hallmark of distinction on your table.

We distribute our products, more and more, by the entire Region of Murcia and we have reached the rest of Spain simply by word of mouth: Madrid and Barcelona have been savoring our products for some years now, where they are becoming more and more known and valued, but now we have launched ourselves on the Internet, because We are ready to serve our products throughout Spain.

Wherever you see that they have La Maruja sausages, you can assume that they know how to appreciate the good, and that they are clear that the brand does not make the product, but rather it is the product that makes a brand.

La Maruja del Embutido
Maria Villa Villalba

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the sausage of The Maruja!

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